If there was a word for the past year, it would be “unprecedented.”
As a trusted provider in this industry for more than 30 years, with long-standing customer relationships based on honesty and transparency in our pricing and policies, we’ve never seen this level of fluctuation in supply chain continuity and durable goods costs.
We’ve been doing our best to manage against these challenges and still meet quoted prices. The cost of steel alone has tripled since March, and our aluminum suppliers are predicting two more price hikes (after leaps in price in late 2020) before year-end.
We understand that logistics experts and Federal Reserve officials expect pricing stabilization, but nobody is predicting costs to fall all the way back to pre-pandemic levels.
As a result of all this, we want to remind you that—as we indicated last year—any estimates that have not been accepted as job orders within 30 days will require new pricing.
Unfortunately, while volatility in the market continues, you will likely see higher prices in our estimates that reflect the higher costs we are incurring.
So far, we have been able to meet delivery expectations. Should supply interruptions or delays become critical to the point they affect that ability, we will be proactive and keep you advised and informed accordingly.
We realize these are difficult times for everyone, and we appreciate and value your business and continued support as we strive to deliver superior value as a trusted, loyal partner and provider. Our history and continuing commitment is to do things the right way, and that’s why we’re writing you now.
If you have questions regarding this information, do not hesitate to call.
Thank you,
Global Awnings